FGG Inspections, humble from the beginning 

In 1998, the newly founded FGG Inspections opened its doors in Edmonton Alberta to specialize in tube testing of heat exchangers.  Since then, the company has expanded its application of eddy current technology into remote field testing and Eddy Current surface scan techniques on a wide variety of materials such as carbon steel, inconel ‘s etc.

We have expanded our services to all NDE methods, with offices in Belleville Ontario. FGG Inspections has become the leader in Alberta and Canada for automated and semi-automated eddy current technology as well as remote field technology, and can offer a wide range of inspection solutions

We are willing to tackle any challenge.

Our technicians are a balance of industry veterans and motivated eager new-talents, with the specific expertise you need,  available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our experienced Field Analysts and world class trained crews provide all aspects of inspection support combined with a self directing management attitude.  Our goal is to maximize your plant’s uptime by minimizing downtime with fast, consistent and reliable inspection techniques.

From project management to data analysis our integrated solutions focus on industry-driven applications and take advantage of the most advanced technology in Eddy current and RFT to ensure the success of your equipment inspections. 

We are always ready to supply information on specific requirements and to recommend equipment, techniques and support to satisfy our customers. Many of our analysts are also trained as CGSB Level 2 in most NDT methods.

We are committed to working with all industries through innovative testing solutions and maintaining strong working relationships with all of our clients while maintaining a world class standard for the quality of our work and the experience of working with us.


Industries we serve

  • oil and gas refineries, both on an off shore
  • petro-chemical plant
  • pulp and paper plant


Locations we have worked 

  • all over North America 
  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Africa
  • Europe


We are always looking for great people:


Roles we are currently hiring for

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