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We are a Canadian owned and operated company. Our view on service is simple, we are a turn key service. The critical result from our service is trending your exchangers to ensure continuous reliable operation of your equipment.  We achieve this result by consistent, reliable and proven testing techniques. All our field personnel are certified to CGSB standards. In addition we provide a higher standard of internal training that our analysts must complete before they reach field responsibilities and situations. The right motivation, people and techniques. FGG Inspections. We will take the stress out of your inspection planning.

Industries We Focus On 

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power plants 
  • Nuclear facilities


Services we offer

Eddy Current
Eddy Current Surface Scan

  • Tubular
  • Surface scan

Remote Field Inspections
IRIS 9000


  • 0 degree
  • shearwave


Magnetic Particle
Liquid Penetrant
Above Ground Tank Inspection

  • MFL
  • Beetle 
  • Vac Box 

Visual Inspections

  • we offer a wide variety of visual inspections services


Customer Education

  • we offer our clients education in all tube inspection methods, such as setting run times for tubes when cleaning is in progress to avoid re-cleaning
  • we take the time to think about the best way to manage exchanger inspections and explaining the benefits of base line examinations,  getting good samples of percentages of an exchanger so we are able to make an accurate decision on the condition of your equipment
  • inspection plans are formed for your specific needs to help our clients reach their specific inspections goals   

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Preparing a Quote

  • We will prepare a detailed quote giving you a complete breakdown of all applicable charges
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  • We will contact you if we require any additional information
  • Under normal circumstances, your quote will be returned to you within 24-48 hours