Magnetic Particle Inspections

Magnetic particle inspection is a rapid and economical method for testing ferromagnetic materials for the presence of surface and slightly sub-surface discontinuities by flux leakage.


What this test helps us understand

  • detecting surface-breaking or near surface cracking, voids, pits, subsurface voids in steel, iron or ferro-magnetic material
  • defects in welds
  • length and location of cracks through visual means 

What we commonly test
  • any industrial equipment that is ferrous in nature


Test method summary

  • our inspectors are certified at a minimum CGSB MT Lvl II and have many years experience in industry. 
  • a magnetic field is applied to the material using a magnetic source and if the material is sound the magnetic flux will be concentrated below the materials surface
  • as the magnetic field passes over the test areas and there is a flaw, the flux field gets locally distorted and leaks from the surface in the area of the flaw
  • a defect at or near the surface distorts the distribution of the magnetic flux, some of the flux  passes through the surface and as the field strength is
    increased in the area of the crack, opposite magnetic poles form on either
    side of the defect.
  • fine magnetic particles applied to the section being tested are attracted to these surface breaking fields and form a pattern around the defect, creating a visual indication of the defect

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