Safety is at the core of our attitude towards work


The personal health and safety of all employees of FGG Inspections Partnership is of primary importance. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses and environmental incidents is of such consequence that it will be given priority over operating productivity where necessary. The Health and Safety of people and the care for the Environment is a value that shall never be compromised, and shall be managed as an integral part of our business.

There is no conflict between the care for HSE and our business objectives.

To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all mechanical and physical facilities required for employee safety and health and environment to comply with all legislative requirements. FGG Inspections will maintain a health and safety program conforming to the best of Industrial Inspection / NDE companies.

To be successful, such a program must start with proper attitudes towards safety on the part of all FGG Inspections personnel. In addition, cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between supervisor and employee, but also between each employee and his or her co-workers.

Our objective is a safety and health program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries, and to be the first choice of customers and employees.
FGG Inspections provides services that make the world a safer place, and to ensure the success of our safety program is reflected in our day to day activities.  The care for the Health and Safety of people (whether they are our own employees, clients, employees of companies with which we work together, or members of the public) and care of the Environment is of the most importance in every aspect and every phase of our operations.

Everyone at FGG Inspections


  • Pursue the goal of zero incidents. Therefore we will take a pro-active approach towards the care for Health, Safety and Environment, and make this care a precondition in every decision and action we take.
  • Systematically identify hazards, assess the consequences for the Health and Safety of people and the Environment when control over an identified hazard is lost, and take measures to make the chance of losing control and the consequences thereof as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Define clear tasks, authorities and responsibilities with regard to the control of hazards.
  • Investigate incidents, which include near-misses, to learn from and to improve, and not to blame. For the same reasons employees are stimulated to report near-misses, and to participate in improving our Health and Safety  performance.
  • Comply with all the applicable legislative laws and regulations on Health and Safety in the countries we work in, and the HSE rules of our customers.  In case of conflict between rules and regulations, the most strictest will prevail.
  • Ensure that all personnel receive proper training and that the  training is aimed to provide them with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to work in a way that minimizes risks, and to comply with the applicable rules.
  • Consult, listen and respond openly to employees, our clients, authorities and members of the public on issues related to the care for the Health and Safety of people and the Environment.


It is part of our culture, we simply enjoy working together to ensure that FGG Inspections meets
its Safety objectives – that we have no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

Our Management

    • demonstrate leadership in developing and fostering an effective safety culture.
    • reflect an interest in the care for Health and Safety  that is vocal, visible and continuous.
    • value the input of employees.


    Our Employees

    • to follow safe working practices.
    • to obey rules and regulations.
    • to report incidents, including near-misses.
    • to be willing to learn and to share knowledge in order to improve our Safety performance.