Liquid Penetrant Inspections

Liquid Penetrant Inspection is a method of revealing discontinuities that are open to the surfaces of a solid and essentially non porous material.

What this test helps us understand

  • detecting surface breaking defects on a non porous material giving a two dimensional ( length and width) indication

What we commonly test
  • many industrial components 
  • parts with complex geometric shapes
  • performing leak checks
  • almost any material provided that its surface is not extremely rough or porous 


Test method summary

  • surfaces being tested need to be thoroughly cleaned
  • treat the area with an approved liquid dye containing visible or fluorescent particles. Time is allowed for the liquid to seek out and enter openings into the surface.
  • the liqiud remaining on the surface is then cleaned off and a powder developer is applied to reveal the flaw pattern under white light (when visible dye penetrants are used) or under ultraviolet light (when fluorescent penetrants are used).
  • once testing is complete the penetrant that flowed into the defect or crack can be safely removed
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